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Riccardo Belpassi has studied composition, piano and orchestral conducting at the Conservatory of S.Cecilia in Rome with Domenico Guaccero, Armando Renzi, Vieri Tosatti and Aldo Mantia. At the end of the studies, he performes theatrical activity first as a pianist actor (with Vera Bertinetti, Violetta Chiarini), then as a composer (with Piero Castellacci, Dino Verde). Noticed by Pier Francesco Pingitore (who entrusts him with a role in his film "Gole Ruggenti" as an actor orchestra conductor), arrives at RAI where he works as composer and music conductor with Ugo Porcelli (Cervelloni, Rai Olimpia). He also workes as orchestrator and orchestral conductor (fiction RAI "Sei delitti per Padre Brown", directed by V. De Sisti, collaborations with Franco Piersanti) and performes record productions (Zero Assoluto group, Universal). He maintains a relationship with the theater, working as stable composer at the Manzoni in Rome, and with lots of occasional assignments (Enzo Garinei, Tinto Brass, Piero Castellacci, Laura Iacobbi, Fabio Lionello, Leonardo Petrillo for “Il Teatro di Roma” etc.). He teaches score reading at the Conservatory S.Cecilia in Rome. Computer music expert, he has his own production center for the realization of his works.